Add a case from e-Courts

Video Tutorial


Cases can be added to Jurisnet from e-Courts as well as manually. To add a new case:

Case Information

  1. Click on Add a case at the top right of the Cases page.

  2. You will be presented with the Case Add Wizard.

  3. Enter your Court, Case type, Case number and Client information and click Next.

  4. Jurisnet will check with e-Courts.


  1. If the case is present in e-Courts, client information will be automatically copied.

  2. Click Next to add Opposite Party information.

Opposite Party

  1. Add your Opposite Party information.

  2. Click Next to review your case. 


Review and Add your case

  1. Change Case name if required.

  2. Select Advocates to assign this case.

  3. Click Add this case.

Jurisnet tightly integrates with e-Courts by Government of India


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