Add Jurisnet calendar to Windows phone

If you are a Window phone user, you can easily subscribe to Jurisnet calendar with a Microsoft account.

  1. Select Calendar from the left navigation

  2. Click Subscribe from the top right of the page

  3. Copy the calendar link

  4. Go to . Login using your Microsoft account, which is the same account that you are using on your phone
  5. Click on the top left corner to bring the apps screen

  6. Click on calendar

  7. From the calendar click on Import

  8. On the next page click on Subscribe link on the left navigation

  9. Paste the Calendar link in the Calendar URL field and Enter `Jurisnet` as the name of the calendar. Click Subscribe

  10. You will now see all your Case postings and events on your Outlook calendar. Login in to your windows phone using your Microsoft account to view the new calendar

  11. Any new posting date will be automatically synchronized with your calendar and Windows phone


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